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We understand the needs of students and parents who have worked in a traditional homeschool setting.​  Most of our homeschool families have spent many years educating their children with rigorous curriculum and a plethora of enrichment activities that you usually don't find at a brick and mortar school. Homeschool children are well rounded and have had the opportunity to gain experiences that many other children have not had.  Our homeschool children have enjoyed sports, music, theater, classic literature, languages, and so much more, provided by parents who care about a well rounded education.

Often, parents homeschool for most of the elementary and middle school years and decide to join us for high school.  They seek a school that is accredited and can provide a transcript for college entrance.  They look for a school that will translate their students' experiences into high school credits that fulfill state graduation requirements. Sometimes, they just want some variety in curriculum or another teacher for that little extra bit of support. Whatever the reason, we welcome all homeschool families to our school.

As a family coming from a homeschool background, it is important to know that your students will no longer be considered "homeschooled" by the state. Students who register with us are part of the public school system and will be required to comply with state regulations, most notably, graduation requirements and state testing.  However, you will have access to many resources by joining us: free curriculum, a teacher who will come to your home, virtual tutoring for the SAT, transcripts from an accredited school, and the support of a whole staff who cares deeply about children.  As a partner, we will provide any resources we can, but you will not be required to use any resources that you don't need.  You may continue to use your own curriculum if you choose.  You may continue to use other resources outside of our school.


Homeschool Partnerships