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Attending an online school is not easy.  In fact, some students find it more challenging than traditional brick and mortar schools because they have to be self-motivated, organized, willing to take risks, and able to maintain a regular schedule.  They have to contact their teachers twice a week and respond to their email every day.  They need to feel comfortable asking for help and communicating with many different adults including their teachers, the principal, the office staff, their parents, and anyone else who can help them to be successful in school.

For those students who have what it takes, the results can be very rewarding. Students at Sheridan AllPrep Academy are allowed to direct their own learning and be self advocates.  They provide valuable input to their teachers about the things that interest them and the things they really want to learn. Students can create their own curriculum, earn credit through project based learning, or simply demonstrate proficiency for the things they already know. We don't want our students to take classes that are unnecessary and irrelevant.  We want students who want to be involved in their own education, students who want to make decisions about their lives.

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Future Students

Create your own learning path using some of the option listed below:

  • Project Based Learning
  • Work Experience
  • Internships
  • Online Courses
  • Book Courses
  • Print Courses (Packets)
  • Independent Study
  • Travel Abroad
  • Volunteering and Community Service