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*Placement Assessment Information:



Requirements for Early College placement:

  • Students must have Good Academic Standing - C average in all current classes and on-track for graduation.
  • Students must have been enrolled with us for an entire semester prior to starting early college.
  • Students must test into college level English (100/101) and Algebraic level Math 60 or 70 (class number varies by college) on the college placement assessment*.
  • Students must have completed the following prior to starting early college:

-2 ELA credit’s

-2 math credits at algebra or above

-2 credits of social science including US Gov and Econ

-2 credits of science with lab

-1 credit in any combination of health and PE

  • Sophomores may only take one class during their Spring term.
  • For Juniors and Seniors, we’ll pay $1250 per term and $150 for books. 
  • Students must meet with Kale to develop a graduation plan. 
  • Students must take classes that meet their graduation requirements and no more than one elective class per term unless they have done so. If they have completed their electives, then they do not get to take any electives until their graduation requirements have been met.

Application Process:

1. Fill out SHAPA's Early College Application

2. Make an appointment with Kale:( - 503-560-8308) 
to set up your graduation plan.

3. Take a placement assessment* at Chemeketa or PCC.

We look forward to helping you on this journey! 

Note: Please contact Jesse Watson, Executive Director, if Kale is unavailable during the summer months:

Thank you!

SHAPA Early College ​provides the opportunity for students to take Community College courses while earning high school credit. Are you ready to reach high? Contact us to set up a meeting!

For information, contact our Counselor: Kale Budgeon 503-560-8308

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