January 1st is time for high school seniors to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid or FAFSA.  The application for the 2016-2017 school year opened on January 1, 2016.  Any student who is interested in attending a college or trade/technical school should fill out this free form.  Students will not be obligated to attend college if the form is filled out.  However, many colleges and trade/technical schools have deadlines for receiving FAFSA information.  To fill out the FAFSA now, click on this link. To view an informational presentation about the 2016 FAFSA, click here.  If you need help filling out the FAFSA, please make an appointment with your mentor teacher.

Oregon Promise

Oregon Promise is a state grant that covers most tuition at any Oregon community college for recent high school graduates and GED® recipients. This program was launched by legislation passed in 2015, and grant awards became available for Oregon students to attend college starting in fall 2016. Oregon Promise does not cover the full cost of college attendance. Oregon Promise is administered by the Higher Education Coordinating Commission Office of Student Access and Completion.​  Click here for Oregon Promise Frequently Asked Questions.

SAT Testing
College Visits
Students who plan to go to college will need to take the SAT test.  Most students take the test during their junior or senior year of high school.  Many students take the test more than once.

Sheridan AllPrep Academy is not an authorized SAT testing location.  The nearest testing center to Sheridan AllPrep Academy is in McMinnville, Oregon at McMinnville High School.  However, students can take the test at any location that is convenient for them.  For a list of testing centers, please click on the 
link to find the center nearest to you.

Each high school has a different code to identify the students from that school.  The code for Sheridan AllPrep Academy is 381078.

If you have additional questions about taking the SAT, please click on this 
link to go to their web site
If you are thinking about attending a couple of different Oregon colleges and would like to visit the campuses to compare them, please contact us and we can set up visits with each of the colleges you are considering.  We will not provide transportation to the colleges; but we will arrange campus tours and assign a Sheridan AllPrep staff member to accompany you on your tours.
Why You Should Finish High School

"Every school day, nearly 7,000 students become dropouts. Annually, that adds up to about 1.2 million students who will not graduate from high school with their peers as scheduled.  Lacking a high school diploma, these individuals will be far more likely than graduates to spend their lives periodically unemployed, on government assistance, or cycling in and out of the prison system."
To read more, please click on 
The High Cost of High School Dropouts: What the Nation Pays for Inadequate High Schools.

Did you know...that the GED test was completely revised in January of 2014?  The GED is no longer the "easy" option for completing school.  If you think you can pass the GED, click on this link to take the practice test.  It will show you what you have learned and what you still need to work on.

While the GED might be the best option for some students, a high school diploma gives you your best earning potential in the future.  Students who earn a GED instead of a diploma make less income than students with a high school diploma.

For more information about GED vs. High School Diploma, click on the following links: 

Causes & Effects of Obtaining a GED Rather Than a High School Diploma
A GED & Its Effect on Income
GED Recipients Have Lower Earnings, are Less Likely to Enter College

From the News: Fewer People Take GED After Overhaul.

The Detroit Free Press (2/5, Higgins) reports “a year after the GED exam underwent a massive overhaul — one that made it far more difficult but more in line with what’s expected of today’s high school grads — there has been a steep drop in people taking and passing the test.” The GED Testing Service issued preliminary numbers estimating “that 90,000 people nationwide earned the General Educational Development diploma — a high school equivalency credential — in 2014.” That number represents a steep drop “from 540,535 in 2013 and 401,388 in 2012.” While “most education experts expected a decline because the number of people passing always drops when the GED introduces a new exam...last year’s drop was worse than the last overhaul in 2002, when there was a 53 percent decline in people passing the test.”

College Preparation

If you are requesting transcripts for college applications, please allow up to two weeks for processing and delivery.

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