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What is a typical school day at Sheridan AllPrep Academy?  We encourage students to work at a pace that is beneficial for them while getting assigned work completed on time.  Daily progress is vital to success.  Talk with your teacher about how to schedule your work each day.

Sheridan AllPrep Academy students are required to do two things for attendance: contact your teacher at least twice a week, and work on assignments every day.  Students are expected to spend a minimum amount of time on their work each day.  Work includes, but is not limited to, the following activities:  reading; writing; researching; solving problems; completing work study; and completing online assignments, quizzes, and tests.  Not all students work online; however, all students are expected to spend a minimum amount of time completing school work.

It is a requirement of Oregon School Law (ORS 330.010) that children between the ages of 6 and 18 regularly attend school.

Lack of Progress

In the event a teacher feels a student’s progress is being hindered by excessive excused absences or poor work habits, the teacher will initiate a referral to the principal and make contact with the parents.  A parent conference, student contract, or course load adjustment may occur.


Students who are enrolled in online courses are required to log in and complete work each day.

Kindergarten – 4 hours
1st-3rd Grade – 4.5 hours
4th-8th Grade – 5 hours
9th-12th Grade – 6 hours

Students who work for less than the required time will either be marked for a half day or a full day unexcused absence.  If a student does not log in to the online curriculum each day, or if a student logs in but does not complete work (idle time), they will be considered absent for one day.  Online work does not have to be done continuously.  Most students choose to break up their work day into manageable sections.

Students who are not working online must still work the same amount of time as the students who are working online.  However, they are required to submit documentation of their completed work to their teacher at the end of each week.  Students who do not present evidence of learning or work completion will be marked absent.


If a student is absent due to illness, the parent must call the school on the day of the absence to verify the illness.  Absences that are not verified will be considered unexcused.

Procedures for Excessive Absences

1. The school will contact the parents to inform them their student has accumulated four absences in a four week period.  Parents will be expected to monitor their students daily to ensure that they are attending their classes.

2. If the student accumulates additional absences, the parents will be required to have an attendance meeting with the school registrar and principal.  An attendance plan will be created for the student.

3.  If the family does not follow the attendance plan, the parent(s) will be issued a citation up to $500 and be required to attend truancy court.

4.  Students who accumulate 10 consecutive or 20 cumulative absences will be withdrawn from the school and issued a citation up to $500.  Parents and students will be required to attend truancy court.

5. If a student wishes to re-enroll after withdrawal, the student and parent will be required to attend a re-enrollment meeting with the principal, registrar, and teacher.  A student who is re-enrolled and accumulates one more absence for a total of 21 absences will again be dropped from the school and issued a citation up to $500.  After the second time a student is dropped, the student may not re-enroll.  At that time, students may re-enroll in their local school.


The 2012 Oregon Legislature amended the compulsory school attendance laws.  They state that students who are six years of age and are enrolled in the public school are now legally required to attend on a regular basis while enrolled.  If a student who is six years of age reaches a minimum of 8 unexcused half-day absences in any four week period, he/she is determined to be truant.

A student falls under the compulsory school attendance law when he/she is between the ages of 6 and 18 regardless of enrollment status.  When a student has a minimum of 8 unexcused half-day absences in any four week period, he/she is determined to be truant.  Students who have been dropped from the rolls and/or aren’t enrolled anywhere are also considered to be truant.

If a student has ten consecutive absences or twenty cumulative absences, that student must be dropped from our school.