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Sheridan AllPrep Academy provides many activities for students to meet face to face and interact with their peers.  Activities are scheduled throughout the school year and are available to all students.  Because we are an online school with students who live throughout Oregon, Sheridan AllPrep Academy does not provide transportation to activities.  Families are required to provide their own transportation.

There is no fee for attending field trips.  Sheridan AllPrep Academy covers all costs. Please fill out the Permission/Release of Liability Form.  This form is required for participation and must be submitted prior to attending.


Generally, OMSI gears their labs toward students in grades 6-10 but kids of all ages are welcome to join. Younger students may need some added support to participate in the labs.  OMSI labs DO NOT include museum admission.  If you want to stay to look at the exhibits you will need to either have a membership or pay separately for admission. We will meet at the bench by the submarine test portal (the thing you have to duck through to go on the sub tours) 15 minutes prior to our lab time.  Please make sure you arrive on time.

We can have an unlimited amount of chaperones join us at OMSI.  There is no fee for chaperones.

Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum

For the field trips to the Evergreen Air and Space Museum, we will meet in the Evergreen Theater, the large building between the Aviation Museum and the Space Museum.  Students should bring a sack lunch to these field trips.

​We can have an unlimited amount of chaperones join us at the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum.  However, chaperones will have to pay their own entrance fee.

Portland Art Museum

Students will meet at the side entrance of the Portland Art Museum.  It is important that students and chaperones follow all museum rules during the field trip.  Participants will leave their coats, backpacks, or bags on a cart in the museum lobby (the cart is reserved for our school and monitored by museum staff).  Photos may not be taken in the museum and food is not allowed in the galleries.  Students will have to make their own lunch arrangements after the museum tours.

We can have one chaperone per five students at the Portland Art Museum.  There is no fee for chaperones.