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Online Courses

Language Arts

IDEA Writing
Intro to Communication and Speech
Language Arts 6
Language Arts 7
Language Arts 8
Language Arts 9
Language Arts 10
Language Arts 11
Language Arts 12
Literacy and Comprehension I
Literacy and Comprehension II

Online Novels

The Red Badge of Courage
Call of the Wild
Nineteen Eighty-four
Gulliver's Travels
Jane Eyre
Robinson Crusoe
The House of Seven Gables
A Midsummer Night's Dream
Portrait of the Artist
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Mrs. Dalloway
Heart of Darkness
The Three Musketeers

Virtual Tutor for SAT

Mathematics I
Mathematics II
Mathematics III
Reading I
Reading II
Writing I


6th Math
7th Math
8th Math
Algebra I
Algebra II
Financial Math
Mathematical Models with Applications


Earth Science
Environmental Science
Life Science
Physical Science

Foreign Language

Chinese I (not currently available)

Chinese II (not currently available)
French I (not currently available)
French II (not currently available)
German I (not currently available)
German II (not currently available)
Spanish I
Spanish II

Physical Education

P.E. I

Social Studies

US Government
Human Geography
MS Civics, Government, and Economics
MS US History
MS World Cultures and Geography
MS World History
Survey of US History
US History I
US History II
World History

Fine Arts

3D Art I - Modeling
3D Art II - Animation
Art Foundations
Art History I
Digital Arts I
Digital Arts II
Digital Photography
Intro to Art


Foundations of Personal Wellness
Healthy Living
Lifetime Fitness

Online Learning
(Required for All Students)

Strategies for Academic Success

Career and Technical Education

3D Art I - Modeling
3D Art II - Animation
Audio Engineering
Career Explorations
Career Planning and Development
Computer Applications - Office 2007
Computer Science I
Computer Science II
Digital Arts I
Digital Arts II
Engineering Design I
Engineering Design II
Game Design
Health Science Concepts
Intro to Business
Intro to Entrepreneurship I
Intro to Entrepreneurship II
Intro to Health Science
Intro to Information Technology
Nursing Assistant
Personal Finance

AP Courses

AP English Language and Composition - Test on May 11, 2016
AP Environmental Science - Test on May 2, 2016
AP Human Geography - Test on May 13, 2016
AP World History - Test on May 12, 2016

Print Based Courses
Language Arts

English 1
English 2
English 3
English 4
Language Arts 1
Language Arts 2
Language Arts 3

Foreign Language


Algebra 1
Algebra 1a
Algebra 1b
Mathematics 1
Mathematics 2
Mathematics 3


Life Management
Personal Fitness
Social Studies

​American Government
American History 1
American History 2
World History 1
World History 2

Earth-Space Science
Integrated Science 1
Marine Science
Physical Science