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Individualized Programs   

Sheridan AllPrep Academy encourages all students to help develop their own educational program.  Our goal is for students to embrace learning and become community members who contribute to the grater good of society.

We document student progress a variety of ways at Sheridan AllPrep Academy: 

Quizzes and tests
SBAC scores
Attendance records
Student surveys
Daily academic work

Work experience
Edgenuity record of progress
Phone, email, text, or face-to-face communications with students
Attendance at the computer lab  


Role of the Learning Coach   

At Sheridan AllPrep Academy, the Learning Coach is typically a parent.  However, it is sometimes another family member, a caregiver, or another responsible adult who is involved in the student's life.   

The Learning Coach provides a crucial role.  In the early years of learning, the Learning Coach ensures that the student is developing study skills and working regularly on assignments.  In some cases, the Learning Coach works as the person who answers the student's immediate questions and provides the on-site support in the teacher's absence.  In the later years of learning, the Learning Coach spends less time helping students develop study skills, but is still responsible for ensuring students complete their daily work and submit attendance.   

Sheridan AllPrep Academy is not a self-study program.  All students need the support of a Learning Coach in order to receive the full benefits of our program.   

Customized Instruction   

The teachers at Sheridan AllPrep Academy work with students and Learning Coaches to develop a learning plan appropriate for each student.  Some students work exclusively in online classes.  Others work out of textbooks and submit paper assignments to their teachers.  A few students focus on project-based learning and others convert their work experience into credits.  The type and level of work is determined by the teacher and Learning Coach to best fit the needs of the student.


Ready to Serve   

The teachers at Sheridan AllPrep Academy are dedicated, caring individuals who are interested in our primary goal: student learning.  All of our teachers are certified and highly qualified to teach our classes.  They are ready to serve the students and foster success.   

Our teachers have a collaborative approach to teaching.  While each teacher is assigned students for whom they are a mentor, all teachers work to guide students in their instructional areas.  Students and Learning Coaches are encouraged to contact any of the teachers when they have questions or need assistance with their online learning experience.  Teachers communicate regularly about student progress, challenges, and successes.   

Professional Development   

All of our teachers attend regular professional development workshops and continually strive to increase their knowledge and teaching effectiveness.  In addition to the professional development provided by the school, teachers also seek their own learning opportunities and often complete college classes or other courses over the summer.       


Individualized Online Learning

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