What is a typical school day at Sheridan AllPrep Academy?  We encourage students to work at a pace that is beneficial for them while getting assigned work completed on time.

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Every fall, new students join us both excited and full of hope. Every spring, our seniors graduate from Sheridan AllPrep Academy as career and college ready, confident adults. They leave us for jobs, trade schools, military service, and college, taking with them a sense of purpose and a commitment to improving the future for all the world's people.


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Jesse Eisenschmidt, Executive Director



Early college is an opportunity for high school students to earn high school credit and college credit simultaneously by taking classes through one of our partner community colleges.





We understand the needs of students and parents who have worked in a traditional homeschool setting.  Read more about our partnerships with homeschool families and what we can do for you.

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Inclement Weather Policy

It is the time of year when we start to see ice and snow on the roads.  In the event of hazardous weather conditions, teachers will not travel into, out of, or through a school district that has been closed due to inclement weather; if it's not safe for their teachers, it's not safe for ours.  A late start in a school district may also cancel a home visit, depending on the circumstances.  Additionally, our computer lab will be closed. 

If you're unsure about a cancellation, please check with your teacher or the office. If the Sheridan School District is closed, then our office and computer lab will be closed for the day.  You can check for Sheridan School District closures by clicking on this

 Because Sheridan AllPrep is an online school, we do not have snow days that will be made up later in the school year.  Regardless of weather conditions, students are expected to complete their daily work from home.

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